The key to Praying Prayers that Move the Heavens

The key to Praying Prayers that Move the Heavens

You can Master ordinary prayer- but total reverence and submission to God is the higher form of prayer. 

We often have the words to say to God about our needs, cares, opinions- after all the LORD says that we who cast all our cares upon Him.

Yet, two can say the same prayer using the same words and achieve two totally different reactions and outcomes. This is because divine protocol demands extreme care in approaching God.

Let me explain it this way. Familiar are we all with the words I love you, but how many of us know that we have heard it being said differently? This is not a matter of accent, but the way it is said. Even before we say it, we position ourselves. Others brace themselves to release those powerful words. I am talking about the emotions, the reverence and actions preceding and thereafter ones verbal expression of love.

Now, God being the Almighty, how much more should we brace and prepare ourselves when approaching Him. Oh, how much more of our reverence He should be receiving!


How to position yourself to honour God before entering His presence. 

If we take God casually, we fall short of letting Him know how much we value Him. Why? Because if God shut off the world’s oxygen for 8 minutes,  8 billion people would perish. But that is just a facet of God’s power as viewed by a mortal.

He created galaxies and wonders from everlasting to everlasting with just a spoken word. He is indeed THE GREAT I AM. How He can take time to listen to you yet He exists outside time, is beyond comprehension. Oh! He deserves all the glory, praise and worship.

And so, we must position ourself and prepare our hearts as a sign of respect, fear and reverence. Only then will we be able to enter His presence with a heart that is ready to communicate and hear from Him. Preparation is in essence, a demonstration of the relationship we have with Him and positions His importance within the dialogue that is about to fully commence.

Reverence is perfecting the fear of God in His environment.

We should therefore bring our limited views of God into our  prayer closets. We should teach reverence of the Lord from a new paradigm of knowing that God is beyond awesome. So, even in our limited abilities to comprehend Him, we must do our best to reverence Him. We must desire to learn to fear Him out of reverential fear.

The bottom line is: We fall short at reverencing God- perhaps because we are moved by crowds, cultures of institutions and religious fraternity, rather His Spirit. So, when we worship God, let us not do it by short-changing who He is. In class we can keep quiet for teachers, in churches we kneel down for servants of God and at rallies, we carry branches for presidential candidates and politicians. Let our worship for God not be less than the actions we use to greet dignitaries, pastors, presidents, husbands and wives.

Today I challenge you to think about who God is to you and to humanity. Think about the God who created the Heavens and earth, and outed the words: “let there be light”. Take those thoughts and what His word says about Him to your prayer closet and church.

Surely, we will be on a fresh path to reverencing Him, and effective prayer.