Testimony: Grace Saved me From Being a Stripper

Testimony: Grace Saved me From Being a Stripper

Servant, Speaker, and Conquerer, Noushka Belizaire dedicates her life to helping others conquer life through Christ. With her transparent storytelling capabilities and zeal for the Word of God, she confronts everyday struggles; in hopes of guiding women of all ages and backgrounds, to realising their full potential in the LORD. You can find Noushka on Instagram.


“I’ve never seen a 7 year old who weighs 145 pounds and stands 5 feet 7 inches tall.”“Well, I have!” I screamed back.

In 1997, I turned 7 years old; I’m sure it was a very cold and frigid day in Brooklyn, New York but other than that, I wouldn’t be able to tell you anything else about my 7th birthday.

Surprisingly, I just turned 7 years old again this past July, and I can clearly recall everything about that day, which was only a few months ago.

I’m sure there’s a confused look on your face right about now, “How can a person turn 7 years old twice?” You ask.

Let me tell you how! I lived on Earth for 20 full years, before realizing that the world, along with myself was broken without repair. From the very beginning, the odds were stacked against me:

  • A child born out of wedlock,
  • Raised by a single mom,
  • With self-esteem lower than the ground

On that sunny, but very spiritually dark day in July 2010, as I laid on my bed staring at the ceiling, God started to renew my mind. The reason I’m certain it was God is because my life was a mess, my mind mirrored the reality of my life, and things were headed to a pit of nothingness, or a pit of hell for that matter.

  • I was searching for affirmation from the young men around me,
  • I was very close to auditioning to become a stripper (I don’t know who was gonna pay me, my behind is as flat as a pancake lol),
  • I was in love with the thought of getting fast money,
  • and I spent a full year with a dependency on marijuana

Years later, as a seven-year old Christ follower, I can truly say that God is in the business of taking the utterly broken and raising them up. After Christ touched my life, the ways of the world, and my very own wickedness became clear as day. I wanted to radically change my life.

Many things changed, I left all of the premarital sex, drugs, and affirmations of the world behind. I wanted to prove to God that I could do it. That I could stop having sex out of wedlock and graduate from college. Things that seemed very impossible to me in the past, but I knew I could do it with my new mindset. I spent a whole year in solitude, at home with my immediate family, attending church every Sunday, and focusing on my studies.

When all of a sudden I started to get an itch for a boyfriend. I thought that was apart of the Christian girl package: church on Sunday’s, college, and boyfriend. (Obviously, that was my “baby Christian” mindset).

A year later, I met a man and although he was not a believer I figured he was nice enough. I would later find out that nice and Christ-centered are two different things, when I became pregnant with my now four-year old daughter.

My pregnancy was emotionally traumatising; I felt like a complete failure. I was alone, and very distraught but God never left my side. He really cared for me, and I truly felt His love. There is a song by Kari Jobe called I am not alone and every time I hear it, I am reminded of how good God has been since the four years that I’ve given birth, and for my entire life for that matter. I have since graduated with a  Master Degree in leadership, and my daughter is a very well-rounded toddler. At my church, I am leader for the young adults ministry, and I help women understand that God will raise them up no matter what.  You can find me here.

In the seven years of being a Christian, I can say, I am fully surrendered to God’s will for my life. I am no longer relying on my own strength, or trying to prove anything to God because He is my Strength! He is my mother and father, and I will gladly allow Him to continuously raise me into the woman he intended for me to be.